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A Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia

29th November - 3rd December 2010


A Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia is organised annually by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic in collaboration with the Slovak Centre of Scientific Information, the Department of National Centre for Popularisation of Science and Technology  within the Society. The main objectives of the event are to enhance perception of science and technology across the whole society, present and popularise the achievements of research and development, encourage young people to study scientific and technological disciplines, provide the public with information about results achieved by science and technology and emphasise a need to support the development of all scientific and technological disciplines which are major factors in economic and social development and facilitate solving global problems and challenges.


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Basic data

National infrastructure for technology transfer support in Slovakia - NITT SK

Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information
Lamacska cesta 8/A
811 04 Bratislava

Research and development

European Regional Development Fund

8 234 571,17 EUR

June 2010 - December 2014